Katie Riley

Production Coordinator, Ministry Support

Meet Katie

So fun fact about me is I’m originally from Rhode Island! Lived there for 15 years with my family before making the trek down to Texas. (ask me about that crazy story sometime) I have two sisters and two brothers, and we were all homeschooled growing up. At 7yrs old, I surrendered my life to Christ having been taught the gospel by my parents and church, and accepting that I was a sinner who could only be saved by God’s abundant grace.

Growing up a Christian had its ups and downs. I was ever aware of God’s presence and hand in everything, but had to learn that having that head knowledge didn’t always mean I was trusting Him. Over the years, I saw great works of the Lord that strengthened my faith as well as difficult seasons of trial that caused me to question where I stood with Him. I drifted into perfectionism and control, believing I had to carry my faith on my own. I grew afraid of disappointing God, seeing everything as a test. But God. He is (in fact) a good shepherd that watches over His sheep and guides them in His way. He’s been faithful to keep me from wandering, and has lead me back to truth again and again. I’m still not perfect, haha, but I am secure in who I am in Christ and trust in His unshakeable love for me.

Serving on the Production Team has been such a gift! I always had an interest in ministry, but never felt a unique “calling” to one specific area. God dropped this opportunity into my lap (another crazy story) and it was an immediate fit. I love getting to help people every day, solve problems, work in music and tech, and all for sharing the message of Christ!

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