Alex Hockett

Production Director, Auditorium

Meet Alex

I joined staff with the Production team in February of 2017. I started as a volunteer with the Student Ministry’s AV team, and when they realized they couldn’t get rid of me they asked me to join their staff. I had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home with parents who modeled the life of Jesus daily. I came to know Christ when I was 13, when I understood that my parent’s faith was not my faith. That inspired me to go to Bible college and one day work in a church. I was convinced God had designed me to be a Student Pastor. Just shy of 3 years in that position, I had realized my gifts and skill sets were in the Technical Services and Arts world and transitioned out of that Student Pastor role, and started serving at Watermark.

I married my incredible bride, Amber. I graduated college from a small school in Boston in May of 2010, with a Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies. I moved to Dallas in March of 2012. Started attending Watermark in September of 2014; and in that short time I have watched God move so miraculously in my life. Amber and I now have a daughter, Ellis Mae; a son, Judah Lee; another son, Leo James; and another daughter, Rosie Lou.

I get to collaborate with and serve the leaders of our church, as those leaders tell others about Jesus. That’s the highlight of my job. At that point, is it a job?

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