Jarred Long

Video Production Coordinator

Meet Jarred

Howdy howdy! I was born in Houston, TX and grew up just south of there in Sugar Land, TX. I grew up Catholic and we attended church often. I went through all the major sacraments, being confirmed just before I finished high school. I attended the University of North Texas before transferring back home to be at the University of Houston. My beliefs never wavered through college, but my life and attitude didn’t show it. College was a time for me to pursue the world and find my worth in earthly things. I didn’t know it then, but God began to pull me back in. It was at UH that I met my beautiful bride, Kathryn. Within a few years we were married and had started a family. We were going to Catholic Church, but both felt hungry and wanted more. A friend of ours invited us to Watermark, and the rest is history. We were home. God used that ONE sermon to radically transform me. I heard the Gospel in a new way, and it was just what I needed. We dove straight in the deep end, joining community and started serving.

Since coming to Watermark, God has been SO good. He has pierced my heart and shown me the gifts He created in me and increased my desire to serve people. I had been in the audio/video world for a while and God graciously allowed me to come on staff and continue to serve people and point them towards His Kingdom! I am incredibly blessed to be able to get to use technology and media as a means of sharing the Gospel. I’m even more blessed to be able to do life with my tribe; Kathryn, my two boys, Hudson and Caeden, and our 3 dogs. If you see me around campus, know that I am ALWAYS down to grab a cup of coffee. #ForTheKingdom

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