Prayer at Watermark

We believe the attitude and action of prayer are essential to everything we do and have an eternal impact. We have several resources and opportunities at Watermark to enjoy God together through prayer.

Need Prayer?



Watermark hosts weekly prayer services in our Chapel on Sundays at 5:30 PM. These prayer services are a simple way to experience God’s presence and demonstrate our dependence on God. Together as a church, we ask God to teach us, lead us, and move in our city. If you would like to pray with others or simply be prayed for, you are welcome to join us anytime.


Prayer Newsletter

To help our members make prayer a normal rhythm in their lives, we send out a weekly prayer newsletter. Each week, we collect prayer requests from our body and ask our members to pray for each other.

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Prayer Teams

We believe that prayer is the lifeblood of ministry. As a result, many of our ministries have specific prayer teams that support their work and pray for their participants.

Consider joining one of our prayer teams to step deeper into one of the richest blessings of the Christian life.

Need Prayer?

Our church would love to pray for you. These requests are prayed for in our weekly prayer service and shared in our prayer newsletter.

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