Jon Abel

Worship Pastor

Meet Jon

I was born in the small town of Selma, AL. During my elementary school years, my family moved to Baton Rouge, LA where I grew up. Geaux Tigers!! My parents are amazing people with a unique background. My dad was a Catholic monk and priest for over 20 years before he met my mother, who was a Catholic nun. They met at a “monastic mixer” (mass/church) one day, began corresponding, fell in love, and proceeded down the road of exchanging their monastic vows for wedding vows. That’s how I came to be, landing in the middle of my four siblings.

My search for God, purpose, and truth went down many roads before understanding the Gospel at the age of 17 at a youth camp. Realizing that God loved me regardless of my sin and that He provided rescue, forgiveness, and salvation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus changed me forever.

A year later, my parents gave me an acoustic guitar for my high school graduation. This gift was so “out of the blue” that I nearly pawned it for cash. Since then, I’ve realized that one of the main purposes of my life is to help facilitate a connection between God and people through music and that has become one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life.

I married a California girl named Sue and we are blessed by the lives of our four children: Sarah Paige, Thomas, Connor, and Anna. We love watching most anything on TLC or the History channel and spend a lot of time running around to soccer games and ballet, eating as much Chipotle along the way as we can.

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