Cami Henz

Production Coordinator, Auditorium

Meet Cami

Howdy y’all! I am a true Texan through and through. I was born in Fort Worth and raised in Keller. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with my wonderful parents and my two older brothers. A tomboy at heart, I was very active and loved playing soccer, softball, or anything that would let me be outside! I accepted Christ at vacation bible school when I was 10, and though I was young, I knew Jesus was my savior and I wanted to walk with Him for the rest of my life.

Fast forward to college, I attended Stephen F. Austin State University (Axe’em Jacks!) and studied Mass Communications with a focus in Radio/TV Broadcasting. To be honest, my walk with the Lord was one foot in and one foot out. I fell in love with the world and all it had to offer. I quickly idolized the college life, filled my soul with worldly possessions, and relied on close friends for comfort and reassurance to the point of co-dependency.

After graduating in 2017, I moved back home to DFW and accepted my dream job at the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. I loved being around the very people who inspired me to go into radio in the first place! While it was fun meeting celebrities (ask me about getting to hangout with Blake Shelton), and live in the fast-paced radio world, I felt a stirring in my heart to leave Kidd Kraddick and head to 94.9 KLTY where I could work in radio while also sharing and spreading the Gospel. A perfect combination of my passions!

During this job transition, I was attending a super cool program at Watermark called Re:Generation. Phew. If you know you know. The Lord kindly showed me the parts of my life I needed to surrender to Him. Before Re:Gen, I was still relying on others for comfort. I was jealous, insecure, ashamed, and felt like I lost myself.
God did A LOT of heart work in me. He showed me His gentle spirit, and He wasn’t disappointed in me. He didn’t reject me! He met me with grace and love. He changed my heart and broke me from the chains of my very unhealthy sin patterns. He showed me to rely on Him DAILY and turn to Him for comfort.
After I commenced from Re:Gen in February 2022, I promised the Lord I would fully surrender and walk in obedience with Him.

In this moment of surrender, the Lord revealed to me that He is calling me out of the radio industry. I was terrified!! How could I leave this industry that I love so much, and more importantly where do I go next?! This led me to a season of waiting for that answer from the Lord. An opportunity opened at Watermark to work for the production team and thus here I am! I would have never guessed I’d be working in ministry, but I know now I am meant for it. I am so blessed to be part of an amazing church getting to use my skills to spread the Gospel and build up God’s Kingdom. I have been changed and transformed by the Holy Spirit, and now I get to point others to Jesus to experience the same freedom and healing!!!
The Lord was so kind to bless me with this opportunity, and He continuously shows me that His timing and plan is absolutely perfect.

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