Bekah Winans

Audio Director

Meet Bekah

Hey friends! I’m a North Carolina-born missionary kid that grew up in a bunch of different places, but I call Virginia home. I came to know Christ as my Savior when I was 7 years old, but didn’t fully understand what that looked like in my personal life until I was in high school and saw the brokenness and hopelessness in people around me. I knew I didn’t have to live that way and neither did they!

So how did I end up in good ol’ Texas? I’m glad you asked! I graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Commercial Music: Recording Engineering and Producing. One of their requirements is that we complete an internship. The wonderful people at the Worship Initiative took me on for the summer of 2018. While I was here in the wonderful heat, I started getting involved at Watermark. Before I knew it, they started talking about finding me a job once I finished school. I went back to Virginia to finish my last semester, during which time Watermark began talking with me about working there. I decided I liked it enough to stick around for a while! In all honesty, though, I never thought I would be working for a church or living in Texas. The Lord made it very clear that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m passionate about audio and I’m passionate about caring for and serving others. Ministry, to me, is not a job, position, or title, but a way of life and I couldn’t imagine getting to do life anywhere else.

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