Ben Krejci

Production Coordinator, Ministry Support

Meet Ben

I grew up the trifecta: a Christian, homeschooled, only child in Plano, Texas. I responded to the gospel when I was seven years old, but as I grew up, I thought that knowledge and following the rules would give me the sense of belonging and security I was looking for. Instead, it left me insecure and burned out.

When I started attending The Porch in 2018, I sat on the back row for weeks. But God used godly men in my life to challenge my view of Him. I started to see that God is kind and patient, instead of angry with me. I realized I was living in isolation and needed biblical community in my life. I decided to get off the back row and, since I didn’t have a church, I got plugged in at Watermark.

It's a few years later now and I’m so grateful for what God has done in my life. He’s surrounded me with fellow believers who know me and point me to Jesus. He’s allowed me to marry my incredible wife, Sarah. And God has allowed me to join the staff team at Watermark where I get to reflect my Creator by making things that point to Jesus and build up the church.

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