Bob Rudy

Married Community Director

Meet Bob

What is a guy from Romeo, Michigan, doing at Watermark? Romeo is a small farming town where my brother and two sisters still live nearby today. After high school a friend invited me to a youth meeting at a Baptist Church, where I heard the gospel for the first time and eventually accepted Christ as my Savior.

When I was 19, the Holy Spirit and a stroke led me to full-time ministry and attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.

After graduation I helped plant a church in Vermont and then took various ministry jobs in Kansas and Missouri. These jobs made me realize that I needed more training, which brought me to Dallas Theological Seminary. During this time, I met my wife Beth, who was playing violin for the Dallas Opera.

This is my second stint at Watermark, where I first used my Seminary degree to direct the Facilities Team. After ten years at T Bar M Camps, I am back to serve the Married Community Groups at Watermark. When not serving, I enjoy woodworking and hunting.

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