Kyle Aaron

Men's Community Director

Meet Kyle

I was born in Colorado Springs, and we moved out to Sacramento, CA where I spent all my childhood with both parents and my younger brother. Growing up, we played football, basketball, and baseball and to play sports we had to get straight A’s. This desire for excellence formed an achiever mindset at an early age. The desire for approval by achieving translated into me thinking I had to work hard to have a relationship with God which I did not want to do because I thought the Christian life was a boring one. But God, by his grace interrupted my life when I went to San Diego State University.

Within the first month of being on campus, I enjoyed many California burritos (Texans don’t know about burritos) and multiple people invited me to a house dinner put on by a ministry called Campus Outreach. At the house dinner, I heard for the first time the good news that we could have a relationship with God not based on our works but based on the finished work of Jesus. After hearing this good news, God began to draw me to Himself through a couple of faithful men inviting me to church, teaching me to read the Bible, and working out with me. In the summer of 2015, God gave me a new heart and I wanted nothing more than to know Him and make Him known. From my experience in college, I got the privilege of serving on staff with Campus Outreach for five and a half years before getting to serve here at Watermark. I love getting a front-row seat to watching God’s love for His people overflow into the lives of others.

I am married to my beautiful bride Cassie, and we have two kids and a dog. We like to travel back to San Diego and up to Colorado to get away as a family. I enjoy spending time smoking meat, reading books, doing some spartan races, and watching sports on TV. I hope to get the privilege of connecting with you to hear your story.

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