Kelsey Turner

Women's Community Director

Meet Kelsey

Born into a ministry family in Oklahoma City that eventually landed in Longview, Texas, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was seven years old and can’t remember a time when I didn’t know God. While I knew a lot about His Word and understood my need for a Savior, I was consumed by the need to look perfect and be the best at everything I did.

Self-sufficiency and self-protection marked me until the Lord used a sermon my freshman year at Texas Tech (wreck ‘em!) to bring me to my knees. Prompted by the question, “how do you know your faith is real?”, I started to see the disconnect between my head and heart, and the self-righteousness that was keeping me from being fully known and loved, both by God and those around me.

I landed in Dallas, and at Watermark, in 2016 and quickly found myself climbing the ladder of success in the world of nursing. The Lord has been incredibly kind ever since to reveal and strip my heart of the many places I’m tempted to turn for hope and security outside of Himself. With a giant leap of faith when it made absolutely no sense, I hung up my stethoscope in 2020, went through the Watermark Institute, and now have the incredible privilege of spending my days walking alongside the women of Watermark in the context of community. You may also find me playing tetherball in my backyard, or at one of the many fine ice creameries the metroplex has to offer.

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