MaddiGrace Roberts

Global Engagement Coordinator

Meet MaddiGrace

I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by parents who know God deeply. I’m the oldest of 4 kids, and my parents taught us how to have our own relationships with Christ and follow him passionately. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to walk with Jesus for all my days, but there was pride in me that I learned I needed to battle daily.

A desire for ministry was growing in me as early as middle school. At the time, my focus was on international ministry. But I transitioned to public school in high school, and the Lord showed me I needed to see my neighbors as desperately in need of the gospel. I spent my junior year of high school living in Cambodia, where my prideful heart grew softer and more passionate. I was involved in sports, church activities, my family life, outreaches, and social events. It was (and still is) a daily battle to keep my identity detached from my performance, accolades, image, relationships, and even my ministry.

My husband and I grew up in the same hometown, and the Lord re-connected us during my senior year of high school. We were part of a Porch Live location at our home church, but I was mostly away playing lacrosse at Messiah University as that ministry grew. 5 years later, we are married, living in Dallas, working at Watermark, and members of the Watermark Institute classes of 2021 and 2023! You’ll find me going for runs, drinking too much coffee, spending time with my friends, and serving on Watermark’s Pre-Married team!

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