Christy Chermak

Executive Director of Watermark Health

Meet Christy

I was born and raised in a small colonial town in New Jersey surrounded by a well connected community and corn fields. My family and our deep New Jersey roots made the move to Austin, Texas when I was in the 8th grade and traded the best pizza in the world for a food category foreign to us at the time: Tex Mex.

After completing high school in Austin, I quickly made my way to Dallas to become an SMU Mustang (Pony Up!). While my church attendance growing up led me to call myself a Christian up until that time, the truth was I did not have a relationship with the Lord and did not understand what Christ had done for me. In college this led to me searching for identity and value in what other people thought of me. I worked overtime to become the perfect college student and I was miserable because of it.

While working on my Masters Degree in 2008, a stranger and fellow graduate shared the gospel with me the first time we met and followed up by inviting me to Watermark. The emptiness I was experiencing from everything else I had been pursuing led me to join her at church and four weeks later my eyes were opened to the person of Jesus.

My life changed in an instant and has been a wild ride ever since. As I’m learning who I am in Him, rather than in the world, my adventures with Christ have taken me to foreign lands and international friendships, back to sorority row at SMU, and into the trenches of Corporate America. I’ve learned to embrace the Christy HE created, rather than a shadow of what the world would have me be. It turns out that I am a storyteller who devours books, sees poetry in every culture, pretends life is a musical, and finds adventure in getting lost.

These days the adventure has landed me over at Watermark Urgent Care, caring for our many patients who, just like me, need to be reminded of their identity in a God who loves them.

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