Robin Dutton

External Focus Assistant

Meet Robin

I grew up in a strong Christian family in Oakland, California. I’m an avid UC Berkeley Bears fan, I love to draw and paint, hike and just generally enjoy the outdoors. I was around 4 years old when I asked Jesus into my heart but there was still a lot of growing that needed to happen. Even though I loved the Lord, I was the cutest little 5-year-old (and well into junior high) pharisee and I had no tolerance for people who didn’t follow the rules. I had trouble asking for help and tried to do things for the Lord instead of letting him work through me. What does that equal? Pride.

The Lord has taught me many lessons about trusting him and humility. One of those lessons was at summer camp in California. We’d been mountain biking and I had a strange, delayed asthma attack. I’d never even had asthma before. I was suddenly very afraid and felt extremely small. There was no way for me to control the situation. Scriptures about God’s faithfulness, his protection and his love came flooding to my mind. I surrendered my control and realized that I could trust him with even my breathing. Truly trusting and resting with the Lord was the most freeing reality. Singing “this is the air I breathe” took on a whole new meaning.

As I’ve learned to surrender and trust, God’s taken me on amazing adventures- from painting live at conferences to living as a missionary in a mud hut in Africa. I doubt many other people can say they moved to Texas by way of Africa! I’ve always felt called to ministry so it’s an utter joy to serve the church. After years of church ministry, the role at Watermark opened and I couldn’t be more excited to join in the mission of External Focus. My newest adventure? Being married to an amazing godly man, Aaron Dutton.

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