Zac Whitley

Director of City Engagement

Meet Zac

My favorite thing about Richardson, Texas is the diversity of people and food. Thankfully throughout school I formed incredible friendships from different cultures and backgrounds that I still talk to every day. I also met my wife Tara in the 7th grade. We took all the same classes, were band nerds through high school, and went to prom together. I didn’t wander too far to attend Austin College; not to be confused with Austin Community College. Nothing against community college, just few people know the Fighting Kangaroos of Sherman, Texas. While growing up I thought I knew who God was, but never really knew his Son and that He died for me.

While I was getting settled into new friend groups my freshman year, God began to introduce me to people who demonstrated who Jesus was -- that He wasn’t only there to police and shine a spotlight on bad choices but was pursuing me relationally and wanted me to walk with Him daily. God has always extended an invitation into relationship with him -- through a freshman dorm room bible study, a Christian fraternity, Watermark discipleship, leadership opportunities in high school ministry, a mission trip to Egypt, and so much more. Looking back, there’s not a moment in my life in which He wasn’t intimately involved and present.

The old me was self-serving and transactional in how I loved the people in my path. But God, in His mercy and grace, revealed the incredible responsibility the Church has to lovingly invite people right where they are into the fullness of life He alone can offer.

Tara and I have been friends for over two decades, married for half that time, and have two awesome sons. Nothing excites us more than traveling and spending time with extended family. From road trips to new state parks, spending lazy weekends fishing at the lake, getting our passports stamped from around the world -- we love adventure and experiencing new people and cultures.

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