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Parenting Resources

We desire to equip parents on how to have crucial conversations with your children. Whether you are a new parent, have children moving into the pre-teen life stage, or are about to launch your kids off to college, these conversations are for you.

Parenting Conversations About Sex & Purity

Read our five-part blog series "How To Talk Your Kids About Sex." In this series, we seek to equip parents with appropriate language according to their child's age, critical information to understand before teaching their child about sex, scripts for parents to guide conversation on each issue, as well as additional resources and scripture.

Download Parenting Conversations: Sex and Purity (PDF)
Watch Parenting Conversations with the Elders on sex & purity.

Parenting Punch Lists

In home construction and remodeling, a “punch list” is used during a project to outline the items that need to be covered to complete a job well. Likewise, the Watermark Family Ministry has assembled these 2-page Parenting Punch Lists that you can use as a guide to be prepared for parenting a child at any stage - from toddlers to teen years.

Top Ten Parenting Messages

  1. Extraordinary Parenting JP challenges us to think about how we can parent extraordinarily. He gives us 10 ways that any parent can be an extraordinary in the way that they raise their children.
  2. Can You Relate: Parenting Todd teaches us about the importance and responsibility of relating to children. It is a great privilege to pour into the next generation, no matter your life stage or relationship status. The greatest thing you can do to positively influence the next generation is to be—above all else—passionate about Jesus.
  3. An Ounce of Mother is worth a Ton of Priest It’s really hard to be a teenager is 2018. This is the first generation to grow up in a completely digital age, only 4% of teenagers born since 1999 have a biblical worldview, and teen depression and suicide rates are both skyrocketing. However, don’t lose hope! The key to having a healthy church is having a healthy next generation.
  4. Worship Together: The Future of the Church in the Hands of Parents Wes speaks to the parents at Watermark and teaches from Deuteronomy 6:4-9. The goal of discipleship is full-hearted devotion to the Lord, and the key to discipling your kids is your own transformation.
  5. 16 Things to Convince Your Children of Before 16 Todd urges all current or potential parents to resolve to be the best parents possible for their children. In doing so, he give us a list of 16 principles every parent should be instilling within their children.
  6. The Most Powerful Predictor of a Healthy Child (David Penuel - SPF Audio - 28 mins)
  7. Technology's Place in Today's Family (Wes Butler - DadU Audio - 50 mins)
  8. Your God-Given Role as Parent (Kyle Kaigler - The Nest Audio - 63 mins)
  9. Teenagers and Dating An evening of Equipping with the Elders and Watermark Student Ministries for Parents of Teenager. Listen as Watermark’s elders along with staff from Watermark Student Ministries discuss important questions: Are you concerned about the dangers that today’s teenagers are exposed to when it comes to our world’s approach to dating and sexuality? Have you thought through a biblical perspective on these topics for your teenage children?
  10. Fun: Can You Dig It (Millye Hale - The Nest Audio - 94 mins)

Teen Dating

Kids & Technology

What's the Bible say About Family Planning?

Parenting Ministries

The Nest

Equipping for Moms

Nurturing, encouraging, strengthening, and training moms as they raise the next generation to be passionate followers of Christ.

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Equipping for Dads

DadU equips all men – from expecting fathers to dads parenting young adults – for the high calling of biblical fatherhood.

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Family Restoration

Restoring Families Involved with CPS

Family Restoration helps parents break patterns of addiction, violence, and poverty so they can care for their children and prevent family breakdown.

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