We define “prodigal” as anyone wandering far from God. Prodigals may be struggling with selfishness, drug addiction, sexual sin, homosexuality, psychological hurdles, and other issues, but they cannot be forced to change. We can only change ourselves.

Our vision is to bring hope and peace to those in the midst of prodigals chaos, through the application of God’s truths and the message of Jesus Christ, so that they may glorify God in all circumstances and provide the optimal environment for their prodigal’s return. We provide a safe, loving environment where Biblical truths are taught and applied in the context of authentic, accountable Biblical community to families who are hurting. We model a relationship with God exemplifying trust in Him and joy in all circumstances. (Luke 15:17-32)

For more information about this ministry click here to contact our ministry leaders. Please register using this link. Training Ground (Kids Ministry) is available for children ages 8 weeks - 5th grade. Please register any children using this link.The staff liaison for the Prodigal ministry is Becky Duncan.

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