Water Wells

bringing water & hope to Africa

Watermark and ALARM have partnered with Living Water since 2008 to drill wells in Uganda and Burundi. ALARM identifies the strategic locations for wells (see below), while Living Water drills the wells. 33 water wells have been drilled so far, and wells are planned for additional areas where ALARM is discipling local pastors and leaders. (Read more about our ongoing partnership with ALARM here.)

Read below for the vision behind this effort, how ALARM chooses locations for wells, and how you can financially support this project!

Why do we drill wells?

Watermark invests in building water wells (like the one at the right) to fill a vital physical need while also impacting spiritual ministry across the world.

  • One billion people worldwide do not have access to clean, safe water.
  • Contaminated water kills 2.2 million people annually.
  • Every 15 seconds, a child dies because of water-related illness.
  • African women and children may walk up to seven miles to collect water, exposing them to physical hardship as well as the risk of violence.
  • Because of disease and the effort to collect water, children have less time for education and discipleship.

In each community where a well is drilled, ALARM uses the process as an opportunity to train and disciple local leaders for several weeks. The well also provides local leaders and pastors to continue to build relationships and disciple others.

Where do we drill wells?

ALARM's criteria for identifying sites includes:

  • Lack of alternative water sources within nine miles
  • Support from local leadership and citizens, including a willingness to care for the well after drilling
  • Places with minimal support from other ministries, the government, or NGOs
  • Confirmation from hydrologists that the location is promising for long-term water production
  • Opportunity for broader ALARM efforts
  • These water wells are part of the broad strategy that ALARM and Watermark have implemented in Central Africa
How can we support this project?
  • Right now, the best way to provide clean water through this effort is to write a check to Watermark Church, with "water wells" in the memo line. Thank you for your investment in what God is doing!

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