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Loving and serving the nations in our own backyard.

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We believe life is a long-term mission trip and every day is a short-term mission opportunity.

Our local international ministry exists to reach the nations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by pointing them to Christ and connecting to them the local Church. We are reaching international students, supporting refugees, and serving our local international friends in unique ways.

Watermark International Students Initiative (WISI)

Did you know that 25% of world leaders are educated at colleges in America? The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) alone draws in over 7,500 international students each year. 75% of those students are never invited into an American home during their time in the US. Our International student outreach has a two-part strategy for connecting and building relationships with international students, and giving them a home away from home:

  • Friendship Partners: Our friendship partner program pairs American volunteers with international students to foster friendships, allow for cultural exchange, and to walk alongside them in a season that can be unfamiliar when in a foreign country.
  • Home Groups: Dozens of international students gather in different homes to break bread, exchange perspectives, and share meaningful discussions on a weekly basis. Volunteer to open up your home, facilitate conversations, and most importantly, build relationships with friends from other nations while sharing the love of Christ with them.

For the Nations Refugee Outreach

Refugees are people who have been forced from their home country due to war, famine, natural disaster, and/or political or religious persecution. Year over year, Dallas continues to be one of our country’s top destinations for immigrants and those seeking asylum. We have a biblical mandate to share the gospel to all of the nations of the world and to love our neighbors – we have the opportunity to do both in our own backyard!

There are a variety of ways that you can serve refugees in Dallas such as childcare, literacy classes, tangible needs, Bible studies, and more through Watermark partners

For the Nations serves refugees in the Dallas area in the long process of adapting to life in the United States, providing educational programs, advocating for refugee families, and, most importantly, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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