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E3 Partners

Through our relationship with E3 Partners, Watermark members help plant churches, build relationships, and share the gospel directly in Ethiopian villages and cities. Our discipleship trips to Ethiopia focus largely on evangelism and relationship-building in conjunction with indigenous churches.

Watermark members have seen hundreds of individuals choose to follow Christ in the last few years. Following our visits, our church partners in the area continue those relationships and discipleship opportunities. The intense nature of these trips includes several months of preparation so that we can ensure our members are going to love and serve our partner and the people they serve well in their context.

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There are two to four Ethiopia trips each summer. Selections begin in October or November of the previous year.

To be eligible for a trip, you must be a Watermark member, in an active Community Group, and serving internally or externally.

If you’re interested in joining us Summer 2021, email ethiopia@watermark.org.

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