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Mission of Hope

Mission of Hope serves Haiti through a school, an orphanage, food distribution, and local construction that builds homes for families. They have found unique ways to provide Haitians with a variety of medical services, including fitting prosthetic limbs. Recently, they have expanded the geography of their mission in order to engage Haitian refugees in nearby countries like the Dominican Republic.

Watermark first became involved in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010. But our goal was always to find a partner who knew the people and their needs, who would remain after the cameras and international spotlight left. Fortunately, we have found both of those things in our partner, Mission of Hope.

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We take several trips throughout the year to join Mission of Hope in its work. Anyone is eligible for a trip if they are a Watermark member, in an active Community Group, and actively serving. General Trips are great for singles, married couples, and families.

You can apply for trips with Mission of Hope to Haiti and The Dominican Republic. Team makeup is across the spectrum of Watermark Church, and there are often trips planned around life stage or specific ministries (such as General Trip, Porch Volunteers Trip, etc.). We're also excited to help Community Groups or Foundation Groups go together With Mission of Hope.

If you’d like to plan a trip with your group, please contact us.

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