Engage Missionally – Watermark in the Middle East

To be part of these Middle East trips, you must be a member of Watermark Community Church, in an active Community Group, and be leading in ministry with Watermark either internally (i.e., teaching an equipping class, leading a foundation group, on leadership for a ministry) or externally (i.e., serving as an External Focus Lay Leader).

Those who go must also be comfortable and capable of teaching pastors from middle eastern countries. Finally, they must also have demonstrated an ability to apply Scripture to difficult issues and circumstances—this is at the core of all our teaching.

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By invitation only

The process of becoming part of a Middle East trip begins with nomination by a staff member or ministry leader. All nominees are reviewed by the EF International Directional team, the trip leaders, and the elders to be sure there is no known concern.

Once the final nominating list is developed and vetted, invitations are sent with the hope of creating teams that are as effective as possible.

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