Watermark in South Dallas

Watermark in South Dallas

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Located in the historic former site of Pearl C. Anderson Middle School, Watermark South Dallas is home to a local church that meets every Sunday at 3 PM at 3400 Garden Lane.

On Sundays, we offer Kids’ Ministry for children and students (infant through high school).

All are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Throughout the week, we collaborate with other ministry partners to provide free or low-cost services for our community on our campus.

To learn more about the history of the Watermark South Dallas campus and our prayer for the future use of the building, visit our rezoning webpage.

Our Ministry Partners

Throughout the week, we collaborate with several other partners to provide ministry opportunities for our community on the Watermark South Dallas Campus.

Urgent Care Services

Watermark Urgent Care provides care for minor illnesses, injuries, and other health needs for community residents. Walk-ins are welcome. No insurance or ID necessary. 
Schedule of hours, locations, and services available at watermarkurgentcare.com/mobile.
Located in front of the Watermark South Dallas building

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Community Development  

Watermark Community Development Corporation (CDC) provides services to financially empower the community, including job placement and training, business owner support, financial education, and support for small business growth. 

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