Jewel Blackwood

South Dallas Kids Coordinator

Meet Jewel

I’m a Texas native but grew up in Birmingham, Alabama (Roll Tide!). I’m first generation American and even though fried green tomatoes will always have a special place in my heart, I believe fried plantains pretty much compliment any dish. I come from a big Latin family where there is constant yelling, laughing, and talking over each other. So you know we’re always down for a good time! I grew up in church and hearing the good Word (courtesy of living in the Bible Belt) but never truly applied the Word to my life until 2010. Before I had an authentic relationship with Christ I struggled with insecurities, rebellion, self worth, and a feeling of hopelessness. I constantly thought I would not leave a good legacy. In May of 2007, I gave my life to Christ but did not truly begin a solid consistent relationship with God until 2010.

I moved to Florida to attend a discipleship program and was resident of Fort Myers for the next 3 years. There I learned what true discipleship was and how to deepen my relationship with God. After thoughtful prayer and fasting, I parted ways with my fellow snow birds and made the move back to my hometown Dallas. I began a life in corporate for the next decade while the Lord prepared me for full time ministry. In 2022 the Lord began to open doors for me to do just that. I’ve been working for the kingdom ever since and haven’t looked back!

I’m grateful to say that my daily walk with Christ directly affects every decision I make in life. God is my security and although there are struggles in my life or rough patches, my perspective has completely changed and I no longer feel defeated when faced with opposition. The beauty of all of this is that this is true for every single person, even you!

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