Marvin Walker

South Dallas Campus Pastor

Meet Marvin

From So Cal to the South, I’m a native of California but have planted my life here in Texas. California is still symbolic because it’s there that I met my bride Amber and married her. We met in high school but before you assume we were high school sweethearts, let me tell you there was absolutely nothing sweet about us back then. Not having grown up in the church or having any knowledge of who God was, I went about life doing things my way. I did what was right in my own eyes, became my own idol and it was me that needed to be torn down.

Being a college athlete came with a lot of pressure as well as temptation. Football was my life and getting to the next level after college was my dream. After I graduated I began training and little did I know a few weeks into training I would hear the “Good News”. It wasn’t hearing my name on draft day, but hearing that the One with the name above every name(Philippians 2:9) accepts me. Now tenaciously following Jesus, my desires shifted from a game to wanting to share that Name!

After hanging the cleats up I started working for a Fortune 500 company, married my bride and we moved to Texas by faith. After working in sales and serving heavily in the body for years as a lay leader, God began to open ministry doors and since 2018 I have cheerfully served the Kingdom in a full time capacity.

After suffering through a variety of miscarriages, I’m privileged to be a father of 3 charming children that were birthed in 3 years. Victory at the end of my days now reflects what is written in Acts 13:36.

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