Courtney Barsanti

Communications Coordinator

Meet Courtney

Hey team! I grew up bouncing between places as an Air Force brat, but have lived in Dallas longer than just about anywhere now. You can usually find me trying new, funky restaurants, petting any dog I can, or reading an Agatha Christie novel.

While I may have grown up going to church as a young child, I didn’t know anything about having a personal relationship with Christ. I struggled with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and numerous health issues.

I came to Dallas for college (pony up!) and got lost in what college “should be.” After hitting rock bottom, I was encouraged by some faithful friends to come to the Watermark College Ministry. From there, I started attending The Porch and re:generation, where for the first time understood while I’m not in control of my anxiety or health issues, there is a God who is. He will do an immeasurably better job than me at being in control. I also learned that faith takes trust. As AW Tozer states in his book Knowledge of the Holy, “…we shall not seek to understand in order that we may believe, but to believe in order that we may understand.” Our God is great and holy, and we’re lucky we get to learn more about Him as we grow.

Now, I have the privilege of serving on Watermark’s Communications Team and putting my marketing degree and my years in advertising to serve our members and build up the church for God’s glory. However, this doesn’t mean that life is always sunshine and daisies. I often thought that once I truly dedicated my life to Christ, things would get easier, but the last few years have been some of my hardest. Yet I’m so grateful for the work God has done in my life and the life of my husband, Sam. Even if you’re walking through a really hard season of life, know there is a Father who knows you and cares for you more than you can imagine, and He is working all things out (Romans 8:28).

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