Scott Miller

IT Director

Meet Scott

My wife Shannon and I were married in 1999 and we have 3 daughters. That means that there is a lot of pink in my house and I have the amazing job of shepherding the hearts of one amazing wife and three amazing girls. I'm a big fan of music, sports, technology, and social media. I'm a geek and cool with the stigma that goes along with that label. I grew up in a wonderful christian home with parents who loved Jesus, and I trusted Christ at the age of 10. However, it would be in my mid-20s where I really came to understand grace and what it meant to walk with Jesus.

I have been in Texas since 1991 when I moved here to attend the University of North Texas as a music major. It became clear really quickly that playing drums for the rest of my life wasn't all it's cracked up to be, so I graduated from UNT with a degree in Business/Computer Information Systems and a ton of elective classes in things like Javanese Gamelan Ensemble, African Drumming, Drumline, and Percussion Ensemble. Still don't have drumming out of system, and the steering wheel of my car often takes the brunt of this.

I've been on staff at Watermark since 2006, and before that spent my time as the IT Director at another church, in professional services for a software company, and for one of the big accounting firms. I love what I get to do here at Watermark and more importantly love the role I have as a husband and daddy to my girls.

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