Daniel Breitling

Rock Developer

Meet Daniel

I was born in Oklahoma and spent some of my first months of life in Sri Lanka with my parents who were serving there as missionaries. We returned and settled in North Texas where my five siblings and I were home schooled. After a short stent working in construction in my late-teens, I took the knowledge about computer programming which I had learned from my father to jump into the IT world and along the way I earned a degree in Business Management from UT Arlington.

I came to know Jesus and was baptized at an early age, but it was only after I began attending Watermark in my mid-twenties and found a community who encouraged me in the pursuit of my relationship with Jesus that I truly began to follow him well. During this time, I attended re:gen and Equipped Disciple where I continued to experience character refinement, deeper understanding of Scriptures, and spiritual growth.

I met my wife, Crystal, in the spring of 2014 and we married that Winter. We have two miracle babies, Evelynne (2016) and Melody (2018). When I am not working, I can be found spending time with my girls, gaming with my friends, or watching anime with my brothers.

God reached into my life out of the blue with an opportunity to join the Watermark IT team and I felt this was his way of calling me into ministry to harness the skills and abilities I had obtained for his work and his people.

I feel truly blessed that my family is alive and well, and I can feel God’s hand upon us as he provides for our needs each day.

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