Minh Le

IT Specialist

Meet Minh

I grew up in Carrollton Tx where I was raised in a Christian home. I am a survivor of middle child syndrome and have a lot of passions such as Marching band, Volleyball and Spikeball. Dallas has my heart as I went through grade school here and continued my studies in Information Technology Systems at UTD in Richardson. My upbringing and timid nature formed me to desire harmony with those around me and to build a positive self-image through my actions and competency.

In 2018, I started coming to Watermark and The Porch. I was growing in my understanding of God’s Word and Ways but had no true power to walk in obedience of them. The Lord used 2 men in college to invite me to a ministry called Unashamed Weekend where young adults would travel around Dallas and share the gospel in our own city. I knew as a “Christian” we were called to share the gospel but had never done so myself, all I knew was these 2 guys are doing it so maybe I can too. At Unashamed training on “how to share the gospel” I heard the gospel presented and got to accept Christ for myself. My life has never been the same and after 3 years of walking with the Lord, I got invited to study at the Watermark Institute where I was discipled to know God’s Word, live it out and fall more in love with Jesus. After the program I was offered an opportunity serve full time with the staff in an operational roll where I get to deploy my skills to serve the body in so many unique ways utilizing technology.

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