Max Pendley

IT Systems Administrator

Meet Max

I was born in San Antonio in 1998, and since then have bounced around the state of Texas, from San Antonio, to Dallas, to Houston, to Temple after college, then to Waco, and now finally back in Dallas. Growing up, I was the second oldest of 5 kids. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in the Summer of 2020, and shortly after moved to Central Texas. In May of 2021, I married my beautiful wife, Laura.

Growing up, my parents were intentional about consistently bringing the truth of God’s word into our home. At the age of 7, by God’s power and grace, I understood clearly that I was inherently sinful, in need of a savior, and that Jesus paid for those sins by dying on the cross. It was not until around middle school that I discovered what it meant to make Jesus the Lord of my life. Up to this point, I just knew that Jesus was my savior, but did not seek righteousness or a life modeled after Jesus’s life. God then began to change my heart, stirring my focus and affections for him, and giving me a lens for eternity. Romans 12:1-2 would become a verse that I dwelled on every day, as I prayerfully sought transformation in my mind and heart.

From high school until now, I have been involved in ministry in different capacities. I have been involved in worship ministry since I was 14, and in college I got the opportunity to be discipled and disciple others alongside a campus ministry organization called Campus Outreach. After graduation, I worked for an IT company in Central-Texas for about 2 years. Through working there, I got the opportunity to work under God-fearing leaders who would invest in me professionally, while also demonstrating what it looked like to be a Godly influence in the professional world. Right around the time Laura and I decided to transition away from Central-Texas, God opened the door for me to join staff at Watermark where I could use the talents that I developed over the years to work alongside other ministries in the effort to glorify God and expand the Kingdom.

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