Kyle Thompson


Meet Kyle

I grew up in west and north Texas, moving eight times before I started high school. That left me longing for a place to belong. I found such a place at Oklahoma State University, where I heard the gospel for the first time. I trusted Christ my junior year and everything changed. It was there that I also met my wife Lucina and we married in 1982.

We struggled in the early years of our marriage, which has given me a passion for helping young couples. I love teaching men what it means to lead in their relationships, whether that's marriage, family or business. When John 10:10 is put into practice and people get a taste of really living the abundant life, it's the greatest thrill in the world. As I start my 7th decade I have learned the older I get the more important Matthew 6:33 becomes in defining my daily perspective.

When not doing ministry, I am active in the oil and gas industry. We have three grown children, a son loving working for Watermark and our daughter & son-in-law in the oil and gas industry as well. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Also so excited to be in the grandparent phase of life!!

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