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Watermark Leadership

As God is allowing us to minister to and shepherd a growing number of people across Dallas, Frisco, and beyond, we are thankful for His abundant provision of shared leadership across our Elders, Elders Emeritus, Campus Shepherds, staff leadership, and countless faithful lay leaders.


Consistent with the exhortation of Scripture, Watermark is led by a team of Elders (Pastors), rather than one man who reports to a "board." This team of Elders (Pastors) governs, corrects, cares for (shepherds), and oversees the spiritual interests of the church. An Elder must be a Member of this church and lead a life that meets the qualifications of Scripture and embodies the calling, convictions, and commitments of Watermark Community Church.

Elder Candidates

Two candidates have been presented for consideration to the church body as we continue to seek God’s wisdom through the process of adding to the Elder team. Learn more about each candidate below.

Ben Caldwell

On Sunday, July 25, the Watermark Elders submitted Ben Caldwell before the body as an Elder candidate. Ben has called Watermark home for 16 years. We invite any feedback, questions or concerns from those who know Ben to be sent to the Elders.

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Meet Ben

Todd Anders

On Sunday, September 26, the Watermark Elders submitted Todd Anders before the body as an Elder candidate. Todd has been involved with Watermark from the very beginning 22 years ago. We invite any feedback, questions or concerns from those who know Todd to be sent to the Elders.

Anders Family Photo

Meet Todd

Upcoming Events

What is the process for adding Elders?

When evaluating a potential Elder, we look for the "3Ms:"

  • Maturity: General maturity and spiritual maturity.
  • Marriage: The health of the marriage and the maturity of the spouse. If there is not a ministry at home, then there is not a ministry with others.
  • Margin: Enough available time to fulfill the requirements of being an Elder.

Once a potential Elder is identified, the Elder team will walk through an extensive process with them, including the following:

  • Several personal meetings
  • Spending time with their family, community, and business associates
  • A written and oral "exam:" doctrinal and current event questions
  • Group meetings with other core leaders for multiple weeks
  • Pastoral care meetings
  • Staff feedback
  • Church body feedback
Are you considering adding more Elders?
  • We are always looking for men who are qualified to hold the office of Elder. We continue to seek God’s leading as additions to the Elder team are considered.
  • It is critical for Elders to maintain the spirit of unity and the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3-6). The larger the Elder team grows, the more difficult it is to maintain those relationships.

To learn more about the role of Elders at Watermark, read full whitepaper.

Campus Pastors

Campus Pastors are appointed by the Elders and operate under the Elders’ authority both to help “shepherd the flock” at their respective campus and lead the Watermark staff. Each Campus Pastor oversees a specific group of Watermark ministries and shares in the leadership of the Watermark campus as a whole.

Elders Emeritus

Elders Emeritus at Watermark are men who have previously held the office of Elder and continue to play a significant role in the leadership and shepherding of the church. Elders Emeritus serve under the direction of our current Elders, providing prayer, encouragement, support, and overall leadership in critical initiatives all throughout our body.