Brian Kim

Business Analyst

Meet Brian

I grew up in a Korean-Christian home in Houston, TX. Growing up, I knew who Jesus was and could recite the gospel, but my life did not reflect someone who was pursuing Jesus. When I first moved to Dallas in 2017 to start my freshmen year at SMU, my faith took a backseat as I wanted to pursue all that the world had to offer.

The summer after my freshmen year of college, I spent 6 weeks serving in Haiti and 4 weeks in a discipleship program in Austin with Mission of Hope where God truly captured my heart. For the first time in my life, I experienced genuine biblical community, and understood the power of God’s word and the importance of spiritual disciplines. I realized that true joy didn’t come from the world but truly from the presence of God (Psalm 16:11).

Since then, I became a member at Watermark, started serving as a small group leader for Wake (Watermark’s Middle School ministry), and got the chance to marry my high school sweetheart, Allison Kim, in August 2021! My community group at Watermark has played a pivot part in helping me fall more in love with Jesus as they helped me live out God’s word.

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