Kevin McConaghy


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I grew up on a ranch outside of a very small town in Oklahoma. It’s the kind of place where everyone assumed that everyone else was a Christian, so nobody bothered to talk about it much. So, even though I went to church with my family and believed in the existence of God, I didn’t hear and understand the gospel until my teenage years.

After college at Oklahoma State University, I moved to Dallas in 2004 and soon got involved at Watermark. I attended the very first Porch and began serving there, as well as volunteering in the children’s ministry. I was able to utilize my love of writing through creating scripts for On Your Mark and articles for The Porch Blog, and realized that I really wanted to utilize my gifts that way full-time. That finally became reality when I was offered the chance to join the Watermark staff as a writer.

I met and married my wife, Juliana, at Watermark in 2014. We have four adorable kids who keep us young, and ensure we never oversleep.

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