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Colby Eldredge

Men's Director of re:generation

Meet Colby

I grew up in Austin, Texas but moved up to the Dallas area to attend UNT. I had grown up going to church but most of my time at church was marked by mountain top experience to mountain top experience. This primarily came from church camps, DNOW weekends, and VBS. Since I had little follow up I thought the Bible was a rule book and that I just needed to follow all of the rules. This led to me walking away from my faith for a long time until a friend invited me to The Porch, our young adult ministry. The God that I was hearing about was not the same one I grew up hearing about and realized that this book we were reading was not a rule book, but a love story about a God that loves us and wants a relationship with us.

After accepting Christ, I jumped in here at Watermark, while working a job in sales. God turned my sales job in to my number 1 ministry opportunity until the fall of 2018 when I was asked to come on to staff to help lead Crossroads45, our 4thand 5thgrade ministry. If you would have asked me while I was living in Austin, what I would be doing for a living after college, the last thing I would have told you was that I would be working at a Church or even doing children’s ministry. But I am thankful for the privilege of getting to train up and disciple the next generation of fully devoted followers of Christ, and share with them that we don’t follow some rule book of how to be better or “do better” but it’s 1 story about a God who has made a way to rescue us and bring us back into a relationship with Him.

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