Chaney Bomar

Women's Community Director

Meet Chaney

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home here in Dallas, TX, and am the youngest of 3 girls. Through the witness of my family and after seeing the gospel presentation of Christ’s life, death, burial, and resurrection at Kanakuk, I trusted in Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 11. I was a child marked by a lot of fear and timidity growing up, and cared far too much about what others thought of me. I went away to college at Texas A&M and there came out of my shell at last, beginning to really own my faith and grow in intimacy with the Lord. However, no Christian should be an island – my story is a prime example of this. I navigated college, the death of a best friend, and young adulthood all without the gift of Christ’s Church. Prone to fear of man and people-pleasing, I fell into many dangerous sinful patterns for most of my 20’s, trying to hide from God, others, and myself.

But the Lord was and is so kind, and he patiently and faithfully pursued me and reminded me that he is better and in him life is found. At the age of 31, I moved to Louisville, KY to finally begin working towards what I had always wanted to do, but never felt “good” enough to do – biblical counseling. There, at Southern Seminary, through the gift of my classes, my local church, and community, God used his Spirit, his people, and his Word to transform me to love him more, growing my desire to serve him and his Church for the rest of my life. There I met and married my husband Adam, and we now both serve on staff here at Watermark after completing the Institute in 2022. I have a massive heart for sitting alongside the hurting and struggling and pointing them to God and his Word. I love slow mornings, reading books on counseling and theology, going on long walks with friends, eating Tex-Mex, watching movies with Adam, and spending time together with those we love.

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