The Sin of Comparison/Jealousy

Respectable Sins

As we look at the story of Saul and David, we see that as humans we are prone to care about superficial things but God cares more about our character and hearts.

Reid TownsOct 16, 2022Dallas

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The Sin of Comparison/Jealousy
Reid TownsOct 16, 2022Dallas
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Read 1 Samuel 18:6-11.


  1. Why was Saul jealous of David? How did Saul respond to the feeling of jealousy? (Anger, irrational thoughts, bitterness)

  2. Read verse 8 again, what was Saul's insecurity here? (He wanted to be viewed higher and as more valuable than David)

  3. What was the difference between Saul's reaction and David's reaction?


Read James 4:2.


  1. Why do we compare ourselves to others so often?

  2. Everyone repeat this saying out loud "Comparison is the thief of joy." Why or how does comparison rob you of contentment and joy?

  3. When do you struggle the most with comparison?

  4. How do we fight comparison? How should we respond when we feel like we are comparing ourselves to others?

About 'Respectable Sins'

Often it is easy to see "big" sins in our lives and know that they are wrong, things like lying, cheating, stealing. In this series we want to open up the Bible to see what it says about sins like people pleasing, selfishness, jealousy, and laziness. There is no sin that is respectable, but culture may try to tell us otherwise. We want to learn how to respond to sin no matter what it might be.