The Sin of People-Pleasing

Respectable Sins

As we look at the story of Saul defeating the Amalekites, we see how Saul fell into the trap of approval of man and that he did not trust that God is enough.

Jonathan LinderOct 2, 2022Dallas

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The Sin of People-Pleasing
Jonathan LinderOct 2, 2022Dallas


If you could meet any famous person In the world who would It be and why? Would you be nervous or fearful to meet that person?


Read Proverbs 29:25.


  1. What do you think fear of man is? What are some examples of it?

  2. Why do you think the author of proverbs calls It a "snare" or a "trap"

  3. Do you ever find yourself worrying a lot about what others think about you? Why do you think that is?


Read 1 Samuel 15:3, 9, 17-24


  1. Was Saul obedient to Gods call? What did he do wrong here?

  2. How did Saul respond to being called out for disobedience? Who did he shift the blame to? (v.21 "The soldiers took the sheep and cattle")

  3. In the end what did Saul say the reason for his disobedience was? (v. 24 "I was afraid of the men")

  4. Why do you think It was hard for Saul to trust God? (Fear what others would think of him, Insecurity, lack of relationship with God)

  5. What in your life makes it hard for you to trust God?

  6. How can we fight against seeking the approval of others? What has been helpful for you?

  7. How can Small Group be a place where you fight against the sin and fear of people pleasing?

About 'Respectable Sins'

Often it is easy to see "big" sins in our lives and know that they are wrong, things like lying, cheating, stealing. In this series we want to open up the Bible to see what it says about sins like people pleasing, selfishness, jealousy, and laziness. There is no sin that is respectable, but culture may try to tell us otherwise. We want to learn how to respond to sin no matter what it might be.