The Sin of Selfishness

Respectable Sins

As we look at the story of James and John, we see how their selfishness affected their purpose to know God and make Him known.

Parker RobbOct 9, 2022Dallas

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The Sin of Selfishness
Parker RobbOct 9, 2022Dallas
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Jonathan LinderOct 2, 2022Dallas


What are some foods that you would be unwilling to share with someone else?


Read Mark 10:35-45.


  1. What exactly did James and John ask of Jesus?

  2. What was their motivation in asking to sit next to Jesus? (Wanted to be more important, pride, higher position than others)

  3. What was Jesus response when the disciples asked this of Jesus?

  4. What do you ask from God when you pray? Are your prayers more me focused or others focused?


Read Philippians 2:3.


  1. What do you think about selfishness? Do you think it is right? Does it frustrate you, make you sad?

  2. Based on Philippians 2:3, how can you consider others more significant than yourself?

  3. When is the hardest time for you to think about other's first? (Family, School, Sports?)

  4. How can you become more selfless rather than selfish? Does God just want us to change our actions?

  5. What does It look like for not just our actions to change, but also our hearts?

About 'Respectable Sins'

Often it is easy to see "big" sins in our lives and know that they are wrong, things like lying, cheating, stealing. In this series we want to open up the Bible to see what it says about sins like people pleasing, selfishness, jealousy, and laziness. There is no sin that is respectable, but culture may try to tell us otherwise. We want to learn how to respond to sin no matter what it might be.