Engaging Our World – Before You Go on a Discipleship Trip

Considering a Watermark Discipleship Trip? Here are some things you should know before you go.

Requirements for participation in Watermark Discipleship Trips

  • Membership at Watermark is a requirement before you can be extended an invitation to join a team. Learn more about our membership process.

  • You must be in an actively meeting Watermark community group.

  • You must be serving internally or externally on a consistent basis in the faith-based community.

  • Some trips allow for children to attend in the company of their parents. Children must be in 3rd grade or higher at the time of the trip.

Trip Preparation

Discipleship Training Meetings

Your team leaders will schedule discipleship training meetings in the months before your trip. Your attendance is required at these meetings as you will complete assigned readings, memorize assigned scripture, participate in pre-trip preparation as needed, and learn and practice sharing the gospel and telling your own story of grace. We will ask you to wait to go on a trip if you cannot fulfill these tasks.

Support Raising

As part of your training, we will help you with best practices for raising financial and prayer support for the trip.


We do not want cost to be a barrier to your participation in Discipleship Trips. But at the same time, trip participants are asked to help provide for the cost of their trip. For those unable to pay from their own resources (most of us!), we will coach you on raising support from others. Your team leaders can walk you through that process as well. You’ll also be encouraged by your fellow team members who are facing the same challenge.

As you enlist others as ministry partners to provide prayer and financial support for the trip, you create opportunities to involve them in in your trip. You may find yourself starting spiritual conversations with nonbelievers. People are often very willing to hear about your over-seas work and to consider supporting the trip.

Because of the cost of trips, applicants should consider their financial situation (including any debt). This is important not only because of the cost, but also because you may be asking others for support.

Processing in Prayer and with Community

As with any major decision, Watermark will always encourage potential trip participants to process that decision prayerfully with their Community Group and any others who know them well.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you spiritually ready to undertake this significant ministry opportunity? Are there conflicts you should resolve before you go?

  • Is this the best time in your life (and in the life of your family) for you to participate?

  • Are there any significant concerns about the time involved in training, personal preparation, and the trip itself?

  • Consider the dates and destination. Does the trip potentially conflict with other obligations you have made?
    Pray through these questions and discuss them with others who are willing to speak honestly about your readiness for overseas ministry.

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