The Bible: Age 7

Introducing Your Child to God’s Word
The Bible: Age 7 Hero Image The Bible: Age 7 Hero Image

What is The Bible Step?

Age seven is a great time to teach your child about God’s Word (what it is and how to use it) and to establish the practice of reading and memorizing it together as a family. For this reason, we’ve created the Bible step on the Faith Path.

One of the greatest joys and responsibilities you have as a parent is to guide your child to love God’s Word and build their life on the solid foundation of His Truth.

Use the practical ideas and resources that follow to help you purposefully teach your child to love God’s Word and build their life on the solid foundation of His Truth. As Psalm 119:24 says, “Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors.”

Put It Into Practice

You can help your child discover the importance of God’s Word using these suggestions:

  • Choose a Bible – Find a translation that’s easy for your child to read and understand, such as the New Living Translation (NLT), the International Children’s Bible (ICB), or the New International Readers Version (NIrV). Teach them how to look up any passage by searching for the book, then the chapter, and then the verse.
  • Model it – You cannot pass to your child something that you don’t have. Schedule a regular time to read the Bible in a place where your kids can see you. Openly share what you are learning from God’s Word.
  • Use as a guide – Show your child how the Bible can be used as an everyday guide for life. Help him or her learn how to search for God’s wisdom. This is especially powerful when your child might be struggling with a particular issue or looking for answers on a particular topic.
  • Keep it simple – Choose one simple Bible truth or verse and repeat it often, such as “God is love.”
  • Be creative – Don’t just read the story; think through ways to make it engaging. Become the Bible character, use games or crafts to engage all five senses, or use Legos and action figures to act out what you read.
  • Don't bluff – It’s okay to not know the answer to a question your child might have. Use the opportunity to show your child how to search in God’s Word for wisdom. Be authentic by admitting that none of us understand everything. Only God is God, and we must learn to trust what He says in the Bible. You can also tell your child you will get back to them within a certain period of time so that you can investigate and/or ask for guidance from someone you trust.
  • Study it – Show how to study God’s Word using a simple Bible study plan (like Join the Journey Junior). Teach your child to look at Scripture and ask questions about the passage like, "Who wrote this passage?" or "What does this verse teach us?" or "How can I apply this truth in my own life?"
  • Find tools – There are many great tools out there, including children’s Bibles, Bible storybooks, Christian Scripture songs, Christian videos, and games to make understanding the Bible easier and more fun.
  • Pray – Ask God to give your child a love for His Word as well as understanding and wisdom as they read and memorize it.

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119:11)

Next Steps

As you progress through your Bible training, here are some additional activities you can try:

  • Write verses on index cards to put in your child’s Bible, backpack, or lunchbox, or tape them to the mirror or refrigerator.
  • Write out Bible verses, cut out each word, mix them up on the floor, and then play a game to put the verse back in order. Or make it into a memory game where you remove one word at a time and see who can still say the whole verse.
  • Try teaching your child memory verses using sign language or making up your own hand signals.
  • Play a memory game by passing a ball or beanbag as each person says the next word in the verse.
  • Allow your child to pick a book of the Bible or devotional to read with you at breakfast or bedtime.
  • Memorize the books of the Bible together with a fun song.

Additional Resources

Join the Journey Junior reading plan, journal, and podcast
Parenting with Scripture by Kara Durbin
The Well-Versed Family by Carolyn Boykin
The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung
What the Bible is All About: Bible Handbook for Kids by Frances Blankenbaker
What’s in the Bible? – A video series by Phil Vischer
What Does the Bible Say About That? by Carolyn Larsen
Seeds Family Worship – Scripture songs

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