Hank Hoaglund

Students Programs Coordinator

Meet Hank

I grew up in in the land of 10,000 lakes, the State of Hockey: Minnesota. It was cold. There I was raised on Fruity Pebbles in skim milk, served by the hands of two Jesus-loving parents. I was saved by the Lord at the age of six as my mom walked me through the gospel. My knowledge was miniscule then, my grasp on the depth of my sinfulness, quite small, yet I believed in Christ and that I was a sinner who needed help.

I needed a lot more help than I had initially thought.

I left the north to attend Baylor University in 2016, where I quickly accommodated to the Texas culture (eating brisket and wearing boots), ignoring the mockery of my high school friends. Because of my insecurity and desire to be liked, I made foolish friendships and wasted two years of my life doing what was right in my own eyes. Depressed as an effect of my sinful living, I decided to spend a summer as a camp counselor at Pine Cove. Here I learned what it means to be a servant of Christ, a servant to others, and a cherisher of God’s Word. I was corrected often, and my arrogant, fraternity-conformed-self needed that.

I boast in God alone in that I left college greatly in love with Him and His will. Motivated by this love, I studied the Bible for a year at the Kanakuk Institute before joining Fort Worth KLIFE in 2021, where I discipled high school and college students, and watched some of them catch a glimpse of the beauty and awesomeness of the living God; what a joy! Around this time, I began studying at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The more I study His Words the more obvious their perfection becomes!

Now at Watermark, I get to continue being a witness of God’s saving work every day!

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