Eric Hassfurther

Watermark Resources Director of Operations

Meet Eric

I spent the first 20 years of life living for myself, chasing all of the things the world tells you will bring happiness, only to find a continual longing for more. That is, until the Lord got ahold of my heart in 2004 while at college at UT (Hook Em!).

While we are all called to a life of personal ministry, I spent majority of my career in the business startup world. When the opportunity popped up to deploy those skills in a vocational ministry roll, the Lord made it clear that I just couldn’t pass it up. So here I am!

At home, my clan currently consists of three people. My beautiful, sweet, and amazingly patient wife, Amanda, and our two incredibly cute kiddos, Charlotte and Eli. When not at home with my sweet family, you will most likely find me trying out new restaurants with my wife, watching football, or on the road chasing tornados. Yes, I literally chase the wind for fun…

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