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Jim Proctor

Director of Facilities Services

Meet Jim

I was born and grew up in Dearborn, Michigan. I went to college at Michigan Technological University in the upper peninsula of Michigan (the U-P!). I was raised Catholic and after years of life’s ups and downs and relying on myself, I knew something was missing I often thought if I met the right person, had the right job, ran the next marathon I would settle down and my life would come together. I lacked direction and inner peace and started to feel a longing for something more. I excepted Christ in my early 40s but even at that late age, I did not seriously start walking with Him until my 50’s. I was shown how to grow closer to the Lord in Equipped Disciple, and have served there ever since.

I have never been married, and my brothers and extended family reside near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Even though I’ve been gone from there for over 30 plus years I’m still a Michigan sports fan (yes, even the Lions!) and particularly love hockey. I love to run, but I have not done marathons or a triathlon in a long while.

I’ve have a long career mostly in Facilities/Property Management for large companies like Bank of America, Kimberly-Clark and others. I’m so grateful to be on staff to help where I can at Watermark!

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