6th – 8th Grade

A group where every middle school student is known and accepted, taught about Jesus, and challenged to grow.

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Middle school means big changes. Learn how to make Christ a constant in your life.

If you're new to Watermark, we'd like to invite you to connect with a Small Group (using the link above) that meets in your area and gather with other students during weekend services at Wake. We also have some great events for you to consider.

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How does drop-off and pick-up work?

Parents and students coordinate whatever plan works best for their family. Most parents allow their students to make their way to Wake on their own and reconnect after the service. Some parents prefer to drop off their child and pick them up. There is no official check-in, check-out system for grades 6-8.

How do Small Groups work?

There are multiple Small Groups for each grade that are assigned by gender and location. Groups continue with the same students and leaders year after year through high school graduation. Groups typically meet during the school year and rotate meeting in the various homes of the students in the group.

When do Small Groups meet?

Most groups meet on Wednesday night for an hour and a half.

How do Small Groups start?

Most Small Groups are launched at the beginning of 6th grade with the aim of staying together through high school graduation. They are formed based on several factors including gender, geography, schools, and friendships. Groups are open and regularly add members along the way.

How do students get connected mid-year?

Students can sign up for Small Groups online or at Wake. Volunteer leaders will connect via phone or email with new students and parents to share information about meeting times and locations.

What role do parents play in Watermark Students?

We firmly believe that parents are the primary disciplers of their children, home is the primary place to make disciples, and a biblically based home is the most important component of a healthy society. We believe our job is support and affirm that foundation with a team of non-parental, committed adults (staff and volunteer leaders) who will be voices of truth and encouragement working "in stereo" with the efforts of parents. The best thing parents can do is to connect with and invest in their student's leaders. Invite them into your family and include them as a trusted partner in your parenting adventure.

Who are the volunteers that are leading Small Groups?

The Watermark Students team is comprised of hundreds of Watermark members who are committed to investing in the lives of students for a number of years. Leaders are young adults or young marrieds in their 20s or 30s. To ensure the well-being of our students, each leader has completed an application, interview, background check, and training. They have answered questions about their testimony, family, personality, and current relationship with the Lord, as well as any history of exposure to abuse, alcohol, or drugs. Applicants are also required to submit at least two references with their application

What retreats and events are offered for students in grades 6-8?

We have several events and retreats throughout the year designed to help students grow in their faith and friendships. Typically, these include a fall retreat to Sky Ranch, and a spring in-town retreat called DTown. We also offer Dallas Experience where students learn to serve others in the name of Christ.

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