Parenting Ministries


Equipping Parents

Expecting Parents

Expecting Parents Class is designed to help soon-to-be new parents prepare for the journey ahead.

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Square One

First-Time Moms

Square One provides encouragement and support to first-time moms beginning their journey of motherhood.

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The Nest

Equipping for Moms

Nurturing, encouraging, strengthening, and training moms as they raise the next generation to be passionate followers of Christ.

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Dad U

Equipping for Dads

DadU equips all men – from expecting fathers to dads parenting young adults – for the high calling of biblical fatherhood.

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Parenting on Point

Parenting on Point is a class intended to help parents develop a plan to disciple their kids intentionally and biblically.

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Helping Parents Connect


Single Parent Family Ministry

Our heart is that single parents and their kids connect with others who will encourage them in their spiritual journey.

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Mom to Mom

Foster/Adoptive Moms

Mom to Mom is a support group for foster/adoptive moms in any stage of the fostering and/or adoption process.

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Working Moms

Connecting and equipping working moms at Watermark.
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Blended Families

Watermark's ministry for blended families helps connect, encourage, and strengthen, blended families as they navigate the unique joys, complex challenges, and new roles as spouse, stepparent, or stepchild.

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Care For Parents


Infertility and Miscarriage

Shiloh is our ministry to women and couples who are experiencing infertility or miscarriage.

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The Prodigal

Support for Families of Prodigals

The Prodigal is a ministry to care for and support families of children and loved ones who are wandering from God.

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Family Restoration

Restoring Families Involved with CPS

Family Restoration helps parents break patterns of addiction, violence, and poverty so they can care for their children and prevent family breakdown.

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Children and Students with Special Needs

Kaleidoscope desires to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of children and students with disabilities as they learn about God’s immense love for all people.

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Resources For Parents

Faith Path

The Faith Path is a tool that gives parents ideas for how they can disciple their kids based on their kids’ age (newborn to 18) and spiritual maturity. Each milestone is accessible anytime but you can sign up to receive an email every year on your child’s birthday with the next milestone to focus on in the coming year.

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Join The Journey Jr.

Join The Journey Jr. is a daily Bible reading plan for kids! With shorter daily reading, the plan is designed to help kids start forming the habit of spending time in God’s Word and help parents along the journey.

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Drive Time

A weekly text message intended to facilitate intentional conversations on your ride home from church. Ask a Watermark Kids leader or someone in a yellow shirt on Sundays for more information.

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Parenting Conference

Check out talks given from stage or one of the many breakout sessions that were offered to help parents feel more confident as they raise children in an ever-changing culture according to God’s unchanging truth.

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