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The Essentials of the Faith

Study the Bible effectively, defend your faith, and gain a deeper appreciation for Jesus as the centerpiece of Scripture within the context of your community group.

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God knows you. You can know Him.

Watermark’s Online Equipping courses offer a variety of opportunities for you to strengthen your faith and gain a greater understanding of God’s Word.

This is a great opportunity for you to expand your understanding of Scripture and deepen your walk with Christ.

Cover to Cover

The Story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

During this course, you will be guided through the entire Bible to give you an understanding of the structure, timeline, and major themes of Scripture.

The Life of Christ

The Mission and Message of Jesus

This course will give you a deeper appreciation for Jesus as we examine the context, claims, works, message, death, and resurrection of the greatest life ever lived.

Discovering Scripture

The Origin and Reliability of God’s Written Word

Where did Scripture come from? What confidence do we have that it is reliable? What relevance does an ancient book have for our lives today? In this course you will discover the origin, reliability, and relevance of God’s written Word.

Keys to Effective Bible Study

How to Read, Interpret, and Apply the Bible

Do you ever wonder if your understanding of Scripture is accurate? Do you find it challenging to interpret the Bible? Are you looking to gain skills to enhance your study of God’s written Word? This course will equip you with the tools you need to effectively read, interpret, and apply Scripture.

Know What You Believe

Understanding the Essentials of Christianity

Are you able to explain the basic beliefs of the Christian faith? Do you know why you believe what you believe? This course will teach you the essentials of Christianity and the implications doctrine has on decisions we make every day.

Answering the Tough Ones

How to Respond to Skeptics

How confident are you at answering commonly asked questions of the Christian faith? This course will equip you to give an accurate, measured, biblical response to issues like the problem of evil, the reliability of Scripture, and various pressing social issues.

Following Jesus

Foundations of Christian Discipleship

This course will help you understand the foundations of Christian discipleship. You will gain a deeper knowledge of the Christian life and a clear way forward to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Online Equipping for Community Groups

All online courses are available to Watermark community groups. Community groups can start a course at any time.

Through group-based learning and discussion, you and your community group can learn more about Scripture and gain a better understanding of the Christian faith.

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Online Equipping FAQs

Can people take a course online any time they want? When do the Online Equipping Courses meet?

Community groups have the opportunity to communication Moderator selection, course pace, and start date of the course in the request form.

Courses are completely online, giving learners the flexibility to participate in discussion questions, read and listen to material, and view the content at a time and location convenient for them during the week

What is a Moderator? Why does a course need a Moderator? Can a Moderator be provided for a Community Group?

Moderators provide the course learners with accountability, encouragement within the course, and help to foster the discussion. They help to shepherd the course learners and are available for questions.

Community Groups provide a Moderator from within their group, whether that is a Shepherd, a Director, the Community Group Leader(s), or a member of the Community Group, that is encouraged and impassioned to shepherd their group through the course material. Reach out to Shepherds and Directors with questions.

How long is each course?

Each course is 6 lessons of content. Community Groups have the flexibility to choose between 8, 14, 20 and 26 weeks to complete the course.

Can a whole Community Group take a course together? Does every member of the Community Group have to participate?

Yes. One member of a Community Group will submit a request form to provide members of the Community Group with the registration form. In the request form, members who will be participating can be indicated. Upon submission, an email with the registration form will be sent to those members to complete in order to launch their Online Equipping Course

Is there a specific order to take the Online Equipping Courses?

We recommend taking the courses in the listed order, but it is only a recommendation. Pray about and process with your Community which order is best for you. Find all courses offered.

How does a learner get access to the course material?

After registering for an Online Equipping Course, an invitation is emailed to learners the week the course starts. Each person must click “accept” in the email invitation. Upon acceptance of the invitation, learners will have access to course material.

How can learners sync their Pathwright Online Course account and Watermark account for single sign-on?

First-time learners, please register for an Online Equipping Courses. Upon completion of registration and launch of the Online Equipping Course, an invitation will be sent by email that a learner must accept for access to their course. Learners who are actively taking a course or have previously completed a course can go to

To sync Watermark and Pathwright accounts and for single sign-on, learners can,

Check your email address on Pathwright:

  • Sign in, ignoring “Sign in with Watermark” for now
  • Go to “Your Settings”
  • Choose the email address you’d like to use on both sites and edit as needed.

Check your email on your Watermark account. (If you don’t have one, create one now)

  • Sign in
  • Select “Edit Profile”
  • Choose the email address you’d like to use on both sites and edit as needed.

Once your email address is the same on both systems, you should be good to go!

If you have any questions during this process, please email

What is the purpose and benefit of syncing Pathwright and Watermark accounts?

Single sign-on will give learners one username and password to use for both accounts. And completion of a Watermark online courses will be registered for learner and ministry use.

Why do the courses have a cost? Does it include the cost of the recommended book?

We use a third-party company for our online platform, so the fee helps cover our overhead costs. We also believe that having “some skin in the game” is a motivator for participants to complete the course. The cost does not include the purchase of the recommended optional book.

What happens if a learner falls behind in the content?

Community Groups can customize their pace in the initial registration to provide ample opportunity for growth and completion. If learners fall behind during their course, they still have access to the previous lesson material that is available to the cohort. For example, if the course is currently in its fourth lesson of content but learners have only completed lesson 2, they still have access to all 4 lessons’ worth of content. Learners have the flexibility to catch up within the 8-week window.

Can learners take more than one course at a time?

Yes, but we recommend taking only one course at a time to ensure that learners are able to master the content.

What is the average time per week that learners spend on the course material?

The required material takes about an average 2-3 hours per lesson to complete in an 8-week course pace. Each course also offers about an hour’s worth of additional, but highly recommended, reading material. Course pace and individual learning style will be a factor to consider.

Do learners have to be Watermark members to participate in an Online Equipping Course?

Because courses are limited to community groups at Watermark, yes, learners must be Watermark Members.

For more information on becoming a member, please visit

Is the Online Equipping Courses an online version of Equipped Disciple?

No, the Online Equipping Courses cover different materials. Information about Equipped Disciple.

Will learners have access to the course materials after their course window expires?

Learners who do not finish within the course window will no longer have access to the course materials when the window closes. To regain access, they must re-register and pay the course fee again. Those who complete the entire course will continue to have access to all course materials even when the course window is closed.


Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.