Online Equipping - Community Group Registration

Through group-based learning and discussion, you and your community group can learn more about Scripture and gain a better understanding of the Christian faith. Learn more about our Online Equipping Courses.

Register Your Community Group

To request an Online Equipping course for a community group, ONE (and only one) member of the community group should follow the steps below.

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1. Go to the Community Group Registration Form.

You will have to sign in to your Watermark account.

Select a course Select a course

2. Select one of the Online Equipping courses.

Select a start date Select a start date

3. Select the date you wish to start the course.

Select a pace Select a pace

4. Select your course pace (weeks per lesson).

Select course participants Select course participants

5. Select all the members of your community group who will participate.

Select the course moderator Select the course moderator

6. Select the community group member who will serve as moderator for the course.

Only select a community shepherd or community director if you have previously communicated with them about doing so.

Community moderator email message Community moderator email message

7. Submit the form to send a notification email to the moderator and to each participant.

All participants should then watch for an email:

  • Open the email and click the link to submit individual registration and payment.
  • Complete the registration form for yourself and any family member you are also registering for.
  • Review your registration and submit your payment ($10 per person).

Each group member who submits their registration and payment will receive an email invitation from Pathwright to join the course.

Online Equipping Community Group Registration FAQ

Who can register a community group for an Online Equipping course?

Any member of an official Watermark community group can initiate the process. Before you start the registration, you should decide the following:

  • Which course you want to register for
  • Who will moderate the course for your group (this can be any member of the community group)
  • Which members of your group plan to participate
  • Start date for the course
  • The number of weeks you will allow for each lesson (we recommend two weeks per lesson)

Only one person in the Community Group should complete this first step.

What if no one in our group is able to moderate the course for our group?

All Online Equipping courses require a moderator.

If no one in your group feels qualified or willing to moderate the course, have a conversation with your community shepherd. The community shepherd may be willing to moderate the course for you or may be able to recommend someone. In rare cases, a community director may be available to moderate.

Please don't assign anyone to be the moderator without first having had a conversation with that person and receiving their assent.

What happens after I register my community group for the course?

When the group registration is complete, each Community Group member that you registered receives a message via email communicating next steps for completing their individual registrations and asking for course payment.

Each of these individuals must complete their registrations and submit course payment before the course will start.

The group moderator also receives an invitation to the course along with separate guidance for moderating courses in Pathwright.

What are the responsibilities of the course moderator?

For more information about the Moderator role and responsibilities, download "Moderator Roles and Requirements."

Can I include people who are not officially in our community group?

Yes. We request that you communicate with your community shepherd or community director if you intend to invite people from outside your community group to join your course.

To select someone from outside your group, select "Other" when you select the CG members who will join your course. If you select "Other," you receive a separate email message that you can forward to non-community group members.

What information is in the Online Equipping Course Registration email?

Each community group member selected in the Request Form to take the Online Equipping Course receives a Registration Information email.

Each community group member should read this email and click the link “please submit your individual registration and course payment” to complete the registration process.

Other important information is provided in this Registration Information email:

  • Initial course content access
  • Date Lesson 1 content opens
  • Pace of course
  • Day of week that new lessons open
  • Due date of course content
Can I complete registration for people besides myself?

Yes, you can complete the registration for anyone for whom you will be submitting payment.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use that person's Watermark Account email address for the Course Invitation.

When you register, selecting yourself and/or an immediate family (from the list provided) auto-fills all pertinent information. Please use the email address provided in the auto-fill. This connects your Watermark account and your Pathwright account, making signing in easier and allowing you to more easily track the Watermark Equipping courses you've completed.

Once all members of the Community Group that were selected in the initial Course Request Form have submitted their registration and paid for the course, a Course Invitation is sent to the each learner’s email inbox.

How do I access course materials?

The Introduction, the syllabus, and any optional resources are available at upon acceptance of the Course Invitation.

Where can I find more information about Watermark’s Online Equipping courses, including questions about cost, weekly course load, and access to content after the course ends?

Visit the Online Equipping page for a list of courses, read the Online Equipping FAQ, or contact us.


Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.