Translate: Everything Happens for a Reason


Austin MankinFeb 27, 2022Dallas

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Translate: Everything Happens for a Reason
Austin MankinFeb 27, 2022Dallas
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Bobby RodriguezFeb 20, 2022Dallas
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JP SealyFeb 6, 2022Dallas


What are some common phrases you hear your parents, coaches, or teacher use in life? Why do they say them?


Read John 9:1-3- Read it aloud yourself, or ask someone who is a confident reader. Ask the others to listen carefully and follow along.


  1. How do expressions like “everything happens for a reason”, “God is in control”, or “God has a purpose in this” make you feel when you are experiencing pain, confusion, frustration, anxiety, or doubt?

  2. Read John 9:1-2: the disciples tried to look for an explanation for why this man was suffering. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen?

  3. When bad things happen in your life, what are you tempted to do?
    (Ex. Question God? Ignore the problem? Pretend like everything is okay?)

  4. Why do you think God chooses not to stop evil knowing that he can?

  5. Read John 9:3: How have you seen God work through something tragic or evil and bring good out of it?


Read 1 Samuel 17:37 & Genesis 50:20 - Read it aloud yourself, or ask someone who is a confident reader.


  1. Read 1 Samuel 17:37: David prepares for the battle with Goliath by looking back and reflecting on what God has done in his life. Why do you think he did that?

  2. What in your life can you look back on and thank God for?

  3. Read Genesis 50:20: Knowing Joseph's life, why do you think he was able to say these words? How can your personal faith in God’s sovereignty help you endure times of evil and suffering?

About 'Translate'

Among Christians, there are popular phrases or words that can tend to be overused and easily misinterpreted. The goal of this series is to help define what these phrases mean, why they're used, and seek to understand and apply them in the right context.