Let's Face It: Insecurity

Let's Face It

Cooper McCulloughNov 28, 2021Dallas

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Let's Face It: Insecurity
Cooper McCulloughNov 28, 2021Dallas
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Austin MankinNov 21, 2021Dallas
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Jonathan LinderNov 14, 2021Dallas
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Will McIlroyNov 7, 2021Dallas

Discussion Questions

  1. If you’re really honest with yourself, how do you feel about yourself? Do you like yourself? Are you tempted to think about yourself negatively?

  2. When you hear the word “insecure,” what does it make you think of? How would the world tell you to respond to feelings of insecurity? (Self-help, selfimprovement, self-focus, image management etc. Luke 9:23)

  3. Take turns as a group reading through the story of Moses (Exodus 3:10-14, 4:1-5
    & 10-14)

  4. Do you believe that God only wants to use the gifted and qualified people to fulfill
    His purposes? (i.e. Moses was a murderer and a poor communicator) 2 Cor. 12:9

  5. How did Moses respond to God’s invitation at the burning bush? What does
    every one of Moses’ excuses and insecurities seem to be focused on? *(Himself.
    Whether his background, knowledge, or skills)

  6. What do God’s responses to Moses focus on? *(Not on Moses’ faults or
    qualifications, but rather on who God Himself)

  7. What are places in your life that you think God may be asking you to step out and
    do something, but you are scared?

About 'Let's Face It'

Let's face it there are many hard topics and situations middle schoolers face on a weekly basis. In this series we tackle them head on and talk about how God's word informs our loneliness, anxiety, depression, and bullying. We hope to face these topics head on and make them a normal conversation for Small Groups and students.